Dental Bridges

A dental bridge — a device used to replace missing teeth — attaches artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth, called abutment teeth. Bridges are permanently attached 

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be aware of their importance to your appearance and dental health. Your teeth work together for many daily functions from eating to speaking. With missing teeth, it’s difficult to do these things. Missing teeth can and should be replaced. Fixed bridges are a great way to restore your dental health and appearance.

How is a dental bridge attached?

The attachment procedure usually takes two appointments to complete. At the first appointment Dr. DeMiglio, Dr. Hurlbut, Dr. Lo, Dr. Tinto, Dr. Zubaida or Dr. Fang will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap by removing a portion of the existing teeth.

Since the bridge must be fabricated very precisely to ensure correct bite and to match the opposing tooth, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a lab where the bridge will be constructed.

At a second appointment the bridge will be cemented into place.