Medical history UPDATE


Detailed medical information helps our team to tailor your dental care to your specific needs. Please open the form below and take a few minutes to fill it out prior to your next visit with us.

Medical Update Form

The link will open in a new window.  Please click on the “Open in desktop app” button near the top right, if available OR download (icon of Downward arrow with a line under it near the top right) it into Adobe (not in browser). This will allow you to  complete and sign it digitally (be sure you expand it into a full window to be able to view all icons):

1) Click “Sign document by typing or drawing a signature” icon which looks like a calligraphy pen.

2) Click “Text” icon ([Ab) then click on line to type text required including the date line below the signature

3) Click “Add checkmark” or “Add x” icon to put responses into circles (i.e. yes/no, medical conditions)

4) Click “Sign yourself” icon (calligraphy pen) and then create your signature which you can then put on to the appropriate line with one click. Use the text icon again to input the date if you have not already done so.

5) Click “Close” Button at the top right beside the blue “Next” button (NOT the “X” of the window) 

6) Click “File” on top left then “Save as” to save a completed copy to a desired location on your computer. 

You can then email it directly to our practice (copy this email address, it is not a link)

[email protected]

Alternatively, you can print it out to complete manually and then either scan it to email or bring it directly into the office.